Property Investment Just Got Exciting

There is an area in Brazil that has lower crime & lower property prices than where your are probably sitting right now!

Demand from the increasing retirement population and from those who have benefited from their own property markets are now pushing overseas property prices up. Brazilian property prices are still very low and offer the overseas property buyer quality real estate in stunning locations. Fortaleza the capital of Brazil's Northeastern state of Ceara is one such place. Popular with Brazilian and South American holiday tourists it is now being recognised by foreign property investors as an area that is taking the overseas property market by storm.

Brazil Property -Fortaleza

The Place

What to do in a place like this- You can swim, surf, dive, sail, golf, play ball, ride, explore, bargain hunt, sight see, explore, or drive a dune buggy for 100 miles in any direction, take a jeep up a steep mountain trail. You can explore environmental preserves, or just swing in a hammock and do nothing at all.

Beaches, beaches, beaches, Hundreds of miles of untouched pristine beaches. Ocean surface temperatures are 82 F all year round with 65 feet of visibility underwater.

Tourism: a 270% increase in tourism over the last eight years this is expected to increase to nearly double the current number of foreign visitors to the area by 2008

Climate: Guaranteed good weather at least 90 percent of the time with more than 335 days per year of glorious sunshine.An endless summer

Low Crime: Forteleza, Brazil's fifth largest city, ranks 23rd in crime. Brazil is considered low risk in respect of war, terrorism SARs. You are probably more at risk where you are right now.

Forteleza food:Fresh fish is famous in this northeast region of Brazil.

Friendly people: all sizes, shapes, and colors, warm, friendly and welcoming that's the Brazilian people.

Property Prices: A 250 square meter house with three bedrooms and a swimming pool, about 100 meters from a beautiful beach only 27,000 approximate $ 47,000 USD.

Brazilian Investors welcome: Foreign Investment encouraged your own 100% of land and property, foreigners can open a bank accounts with attractive interest rates on investments

Easy buying process: Purchasing property is simple and straightforward for non-Brazilians and the right of freehold is incontrovertible. Title insurance is available and the legal process is inexpensive and relatively quick.

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Nicholas Marr is the director of Marr International a UK based property marketing company. His company advertises property on behalf of property developers, real estate agents and private house sales.

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