Safety Policy Sample Outline

Writing a safety manual is a tough job and most larger corporations outsource such jobs or they have someone on staff with the proper credentials in risk management. Imagine writing the safety manuals for NASA? I had the opportunity to be in the unique position of being able to imagine just such a thing when writing our company safety manuals. It takes lots of studying and review of case law to do it properly. Each industry is somewhat different and hopefully you know your industry and company well enough to give it a shot.

Below is an outline, which you can use to assist you in writing your company safety manual, it is written for my company in the car wash business so it will need a little modification for your use. First I recommend that you print this article and even if you do not think of safety as rocket science, for this exercise pretend that it is. It is that serious. Safety is paramount in any company and a few preventative policies firmly in place can prevent death or injury and prevent expensive lawsuits, which could bankrupt your company.

First I recommend that you print out this outline and then modify it so that it fits your business or industry. Then put pen to legal pad and write up to five paragraphs for each item number and letter. Once completed this will be your rough draft. Give this to your secretary to type up and triple space. Then bring this up in your next team meeting and get some additional insight from a couple star employees. Safety is everyone's business, as the saying goes. After a few revisions you are ready to turn this into a manual. Before completing this project take this plan and discuss it with a safety specialist in your industry for pointers and possible wording, you may also find sample safety plans which you can borrow key phrases. Finally run the entire thing by an attorney specializing in OSHA Safety. Yes I know, you hate lawyers, however in this case you need them to prevent being hosed by other lawyers in the future. I sincerely hope this outline below helps you in your safety manual writing endeavors. You can thank me later, right now you have work to do.



A. Insurance

B. Driving

C. Slip And Fall

D. Parking


A. Vacuum

1. Jewelry

2. Ashtrays

3. Toys

4. Money

5. Electrocution

B. Steam Cleaner

1. Fire

2. High Pressure

3. Explosion Gas/Diesel

C. Chemicals

1. Window Cleaner

2. Wax

3. Tire Dressing

4. Silicon

5. Carpet Shampoo

6. Etc.

D. Goggles

E. Boots

F. Levi's

G. Rain Gear

H. Catching A Cold

1. Vitamins

2. Exercise

I. Car Fires

J. Earthquakes

K. Disaster Relief

L. CPR Classes

M. Car Phones

N. Accident Witness

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