UAV Acoustic Apparatus for Insect Swarming Stimulus, part one

Can we coax warms of Locusts to attack our enemies? It appears we can do this by way of directional sound stimulus. Disrupting the enemy by guiding mass Locust Swarms towards communication posts, radar facilities, SAM Sites, Command and Control Stations, logistical sites, Major Infrastructures using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles equipped with sound devices which are typically used in agriculture in replacement of pesticides.

Disrupting the enemy, with a little help from Mother Nature. Locusts can be a great source for our military as a non-lethal disruptive weapon. Locusts do not attack people or animals. There is no evidence that suggests that locusts carry diseases that could harm humans, but short term agents could be placed in their food prior to release to cause temporary sickness, 3-Day Cold, vomiting, nausea and dizziness. A mass tight density swarm moves fast and can black out the sky inciting fear in just about any man.

As a non-lethal weapon these locusts not only induce chaos and havoc temporarily but that disruption will last for quite awhile. Such insects like locusts, grasshoppers and cockroaches are considered as common insect allergens. Locust's emit pheromones or hormones, which are produced during mating, locusts are constantly mating. The Desert Locusts scales that come off the wings during flight increase the amounts of dust in the air, which triggers allergies and such symptoms. There are other chemicals and phenols that are released from the breakdown of vegetation which can foul the local air, all of which can act as allergens to human beings. Those with allergic reactions primarily in people already susceptible to asthma will have a far worsened situation. Exposure is usually considered an unintentional nuisance, which comes with Locusts. There is much documentation on these issues and insect breeding facilities and research laboratories where there are strict rules on wearing face masks even when working with only a few specimens. Asthma can appear one to two years after initial exposure, but the dust particles in the air will make eyes sting, sore throats and breathing more difficult immediately.

We can control Locust Swarms, the premise is to use acoustic devices to force unappealing sounds along the path of the locusts by using a small formation of UAVs flying approximately a few hundred yards across. Which will send sound waves in vertical columns to the ground from approximately 200-300 feet AGL. In the rear will be two or three additional UAVs, which will pick up the rear, forcing the Locusts to keep moving towards the enemy and point of intended disruption. The UAVs will need to use electric to prevent interference of our precise frequency manipulation from the power plant, since a reciprocating motors.

As locusts surround the location of disruption and cannot leave due to sound waves, they will continue to eat whatever they can find, including rubber, wiring, insulation, wood and whatever is there, they will be able to get inside vents doors, cracks, tents, vehicles, you name it. No one can leave the facility, tent, vehicles, thus are trapped in hysterical personal strife and fear. Remember the movie Birds?

Locusts as the insect of choice offer much potential in the way of disruption, as we have seen swarms of locusts create havoc and leave destruction in their path. The locust swarms have also been mythicalized into the religious doctrines of so many cultures and civilizations. For instance in revelations Demons can take on the form of Locusts? In Islam locusts might appear as a punishment of lust from a guilt ridden follower? Just about all religious doctrines of our period make mention of locust swarms. This adds further uncertainty and disruption of an enemy immersed in underlining religious belief. Because of the severe destruction to plants, agriculture the locusts have meanings not only in religious works but also tales in Mexican, South American Cultures, American Indians, Australian Indigenous Indians and also throughout the Far Easter Cultures. Beyond the folklore however is a real fear of locust swarms:

Most weather satellites and GeoSats cannot see Locust Migrations and Swarms, but as a military operation the most advanced and sophisticated Boeing, Hughes and Lockheed Spy Satellites will be able to see the operation unfold.

There are many PestControl devices on the market to help us control these locusts. Most do not work all the time, however the concept is sound, both in actual and in principle. It works with proper frequency on certain species of insects. The type of sound and insect of course will be matched in our proving of concept and modified to include which devices and frequencies can be used. Due to the weight and capability of useful load of the UAVs, we will use a high lift fat wing, which is un-edible and undesirable to the chosen insect. Due to the flight speed of the insects and allowing them their physiological need to stop and eat along the way. Paths of attack will need to take into consideration GIS data and recent aerial satellite digital photography to make sure the path of destruction allows for enough food along the way, while not so much as to slow down the scheduled rendezvous with the timing of intended panic and disruption of the enemy. There are many Pest Control Devices, which can have over 33% effectiveness today in the private sector of 5000 square feet. These units are relatively inexpensive and the most common residential consumer units, which provide up to 2500 square feet of pest control are very simple light weight and we can discard the molded plastic Chinese made trim and save even more weight. We intend to use these off the shelf devices along with off the shelf model aircraft to guide our insects to prove concept. We will have two storage containers, which will be 6.2 miles apart. The first will have Locusts inside and the second food that the locusts like to eat, to capture the insects for later tests. We will place food along the way, some off to the edges to prove we can make the insects ignore the food supply and press on the intended path of positive sound and not wish to cross the negative sound waves, which they do not like.

We will use the Desert Locust, Acridoidea, which is one of 14 different species of short-horned grasshoppers. They are known to change behavior and form swarms. This is desirable as we let them out of the box. These swarms can become extremely mobile traveling at fast speeds for insects and traveling many miles. Desert Locusts can be tested in the Mojave or Nevada Deserts for our test run. When these locusts are reversionary periods they are generally able to survive in arid or semi-arid deserts. They can be found in Africa, Middle East, Inland Asia Countries and South West Asia. These insects are remarkable and can live in areas with less 3 inches of annual rainfall. Scientists know that during plagues these insects can spread out over many many millions of square miles, by fostering and forcing these insects into small areas and controlling them with sound waves and funneling them in the direction of our enemy we can move them at rapid speeds and the disruption these insects can cause is more than well documented. Locust plagues or massive swarms do not seem to be predictable in any way although scientists may also unlock that secret in the future as we master other Earth Cycles of weather?

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