The True Self as the Hidden Man of the Heart

The Apocalypse, or unveilling, is the name given to the Book of Revelation in the New Testament. The Book of Daniel is an apocalypse. So is Isaiah. The entire bible is an unveiling of the consciousness of man evolving from the human(OT) to the divine(NT).

Scripture is progressive revelation of the true self as the hidden man of the heart. This veiled man is a manifestion of the Christ in every man. The veil of flesh is the human, created by his misuse of free will. The soul's union with his real self is the true history of Isreal.

Israel is the name for truth seeker.

Isrealites are "is real lights" of every race, culture, and religion who seek the truth of being,

of being who they really are; And that is a manifestion of the godhead. It is written the head of every man is Christ. Is this a literal head? Is this a literal Christ? By Christ, I mean the light of God in every man(Jn 1.9). It is what you do with that light that determines if you become who you really are the living Christ, annointed by the whole Spirit of I AM. Jesus spoke these words I paraphrase: if you hear the Christ is over there..or here..don't go.

Rather go within, where "I AM" in the midst of you. This "I AM", the name of your divine consciousness, is the Christ. Each one's outer consciousness should give testimony to this truth of being, called the fulness of the Godhead. Every man is made in this image of God(Gen l.26).

That image of perfection is Christ. To become the Christ means to grow in grace and truth, even as Jesus grew in the self-knowledge of his own Christhood.

The true self is your own individualized Holy Christ Self. Does that mean the outer self is Christ? There are many false Christs. But there is only one true Christ Self. This image of perfection is not the outer ego and personality. The outer man must surrender to the inner manifestation of God, or be lost as a pseudo, self-created image,counterfeit, not made in the likeness of God's perfection, but miscreated by human thought and feeling, as an unreal image that is antichrist.

"To thine own self be true".

I have been a truth seeker most of my life. Born in Detroit, I joined the Air Force in 1963-67, where I traveled to Taiwan, Germany, and France. I returned to Detroit to be a minister in a pentacostal church. I have continued studying the scriptures for 30 years. I now am retired and write on the Bible. If scripture does not change your consciousness, then for you it is a dead letter. Scripture is really about the living Word. My writings are mystical, rather than literal interpretations.

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