My Search for the Truth

I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. Maybe you've heard about the persecution of Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) practitioners in China. Over the past five years, many people have been committed to mental institutions, tortured, detained, imprisoned, and even killed, simply for refusing to give up this practice. Unfortunately,... Read More

Path to Healing

It is within us to explore and draw upon our inner resources to heal. Some wounds are embedded so deeply that no amount of professional expertise can cure, much less heal. A famous Yale surgeon says that as a surgeon, he cuts into the... Read More

Sacred Space, Sacred Time

We all need space, we all need time to ourselves.In Exodus3:15- Word of God:When the Lord saw that Moses was coming closer, he called him from the middle of the bush and said: "Moses, Moses", he answered, "Yes, here I am"God said, " Do not come any closer. Take off... Read More


Shamanism is an ancient form of mysticism. Although there are many localized variations, the basic tenet is that all things are sacred and alive. Shamans are experts in this perspective and act as priests, holy persons, guides, researchers, explorers or professionals. Most have the ability to enter trance... Read More

The Final Chapter

Several months ago, I read an article about a 22 year old, successful young lady who died a premature death in a plane crash. The more I read this article, the heavier my heart became because she died in the midst of her formative years. Equally... Read More

Why Sit Here Until I Die?

The bible tells a story about four men who sat at the entrance of the city's gate dying with leprosy, an incurable disease which causes terribly visible swelling and sores on the skin, only then to eat inward to the bones. Because of this contagious and incurable disease, these lepers... Read More

Faerie Wisdom

Spirit DancerThe spirit dancer is the card of creative expression. Of exploring our inner truths and desires. Now is the time to open your heart and mind. Listen to your inner self and determine to bring forth and express all that is you. It is the time to let your... Read More

Seven Soul-Nurturing Suggestions for Busy Women

Looking for some ways to feed your soul in the midst of all you do? Try one or more of these great ideas! 1.) Body Work/Movement: Tai Ji, massage, Feldenkrais, Reflexology ? there are tons of modalities which contribute to healing in soulful ways. Try one today! 2.) Connections with... Read More

Ten Soul-Tending Principles for Women

Feeling restless? Is part of you calling out for change, though you don't yet know what that looks like, or what you most need? Well, maybe, just maybe, you need a little soul nurturing. Try one or more of these nurturing principles on for size: 1.) Change expands soul. When... Read More

Spirituality at Work Because You Cant Leave Home Without You

Several years ago after I presented a workshop entitled "Spirituality at Work: Because You Can't Leave Home Without You?" I got a phone call from someone who saw the program booklet. She was very interested in the topic and wanted to know how to "get it" at her company. She... Read More

In The News:

Spirituality and Religion: The Relevance of Religious Parables in Today's World
Huffington Post
As Father James Martin, SJ points out in his book The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything: A Spirituality for Real Life; de Mello's parable of The Diamond "suggests that not being controlled by posessions is a step to spiritual freedom, the kind of ...

Jamaica Gleaner

Spirituality and the vegan lifestyle
Jamaica Gleaner
People calling themselves vegans have spiked sharply in recent years. According to a just-released 'Vegetarianism in America' study, published by Vegetarian Times, "3.2 per cent of United States adults, or 7.3 million people, follow a vegetarian-based ...

Celebrating spirituality through art
Featuring the works of 13 Negrense artists, the exhibit "celebrates spirituality not only in a conventional way but as well as in an experimental nature of contemporary artists expressing their spirituality, finding the Sacred in nature and in ordinary ...

Gloucestershire Echo

Spirituality: Where did they take Jesus?
Florida Today
Looking for Jesus among these folks is like looking for the spiritual life among the dead. So where should we look? The source. Go to his words and his teachings. I recommend beginning by reading the Gospel of John. Then, after you find Jesus in his ...
Reclaiming the mystical interpretation of the ResurrectionNational Catholic Reporter

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A New Interview with Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi for Spirituality & Health
Patheos (blog)
You started an organization to fight world hunger, you write about the devastating consequences of climate change, and you marched with the Occupy Wall Street movement. When did you decide that, in addition to your spiritual work as a Buddhist monk and ...

Ogden man says artistic ability spawned from spirituality
OGDEN -- Something unexpected happened to long-time Ogden resident Kellen Green when he put his faith in God. He discovered he had a real talent for drawing. And in just two months, the 31-year-old has already sold a handful of his creations. He said ...

Are the Spiritual but Not Religious Turning East?
Huffington Post (blog)
Are we all Hindu now? That's what a Newsweek magazine claimed in 2009 when it observed the burgeoning world of the "nones." "Nones" are those not affiliated with any part of the American religious heritage. Surveys seem to indicate they prefer not to ...

This Iconic Self-Help Book Proves That Spirituality Has A Place In The ...
Huffington Post
But what if a leading business expert came along and told us there was another way -- that spirituality and self-renewal play critical roles in helping us reach our highest potential? That's exactly what Stephen R. Covey did with his iconic 1989 book ...

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Religion, spirituality influence health
Charlotte Post
Religion and spirituality have distinct but complementary influences on health, new research from Oregon State University indicates. “Religion helps regulate behavior and health habits, while spirituality regulates your emotions, how you feel,” said ...

Let's renew our vows of fervent spirituality
Pacific Daily News
During this Lenten season, let us renew our vows of fervent spirituality. Let us pardon those who have caused us pain and anguish. With forgiveness and humility, God's strength and radiance will flow within us and the burden of a heavy heart will be ...

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