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Working With Your People By Long Distance
by: Ken Leonard Jr

As you build a team for your network marketing opportunity, you will learn how big this world really is. Soon you will find out that working with people from far off lands can get expensive. At normal international long distance rates, a one hour telephone call can cost as much as $200 US. Today you will learn how to save up to 93% of your normal long distance phone bill.

You can get better rates from your long distance provider when you enroll in an international calling plan of some sort. But the potential savings are nothing compared to the most efficient way to communicate personally over long distances.

Please let me introduce you to the future of long distance communications, 'VoIP'. Voice over IP allows your voice to reach other countries using the internet. The result is clear, reliable connections with people in other countries around the world at a rate that is literally pennies per minute. Using VoIP can help you to keep costs down when you are just starting out. You will be able to work with your people by long distance often, without going broke.

To illustrate the real savings you can expect by using VoIP services for your international business phone calls, here are the details of a call I recently made to Germany from the US:

From: West Palm Beach, Florida USA
To : near Berlin, Germany
Call Length: 90 minutes
Quality : Excellent
Cost : $7US

Using the international calling plan on my long distance service, this prime time (1pm local time) would have cost $120US. Using a VoIP service, the same call actually cost only $7US, a savings of 93%! This savings would be reflected on all long distance charges for every month of the year. This is a substantial savings for someone just starting out.

There are many options for VoIP service and you will see more as time goes on. The popular instant messaging service ICQ has an option built in to make VoIP phone calls using a third party company, Net2Phone. Without using ICQ, the website allows you to use VoIP at very low rates. As a user, you can talk to other skype users at no charge using a PC to PC connection. This is a great tool for keeping in contact with your people, that will fit into a tight budget.

For VoIP to work with high quality and reliability, it is best used with a broadband internet connection. With a DSL or cable/satellite connection you can expect phone company quality at only 7% of the cost.

Frequent phone contact with your people will help keep turnover down and production up. Work with your people and teach them how to work with their people. It sure helps when you don't have to worry about how much the next international call will cost you, right? You bet.

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