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Online Interactive Learning: Is It Right for You?
by: Matt Norman
You've heard so much about online interactive learning. It's affordable, convenient and fun, but is it right for you? Here are five questions that you should ask yourself to find out if online interactive learning is the way to go.

Are you a self-starter? Online interactive learning is a great way to get your degree, but it requires a certain amount of motivation. As the courses are pretty much designed so that you can work at your own pace, you need to be a self-starter in order to get the most out of your online degree programme.

Do you want a classroom setting? If you do, many you should think about pursuing a degree through more traditional routes. Although online interactive learning offers some interaction between students, it may not be enough for students that need feedback from others or to meet with the instructor face to face.

Do you have time to commute to classes? One of the biggest advantages to online learning is the fact that you can study anywhere. You don't have to spend time travelling to and from the campus, dodging traffic or wasting time looking for parking places. You can study from home, at almost any time of the day.

Do you have enough money to attend a traditional college or university? Online interactive learning is remarkably more affordable than traditional four-year programmes and many online schools will hope you secure the financial aid that you need to pursue your degree. You can even keep working, if you pursue your education online, because you can schedule your classes around your job and your home life, so you can keep earning while you study.

Do you live near a campus that provides the course that you are looking for? Distance education was initially established to meet the needs of those students who lived too far away from schools or colleges, so that they could continue to earn their diplomas. If you live in a rural area- or the colleges near you don't offer the programmes that you want- then getting your degree through interactive online learning will allow you to pursue your professional dreams.

About the author:
Matt Norman is the founder of Easy Distance Learning a website providing information on learning online

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