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Walk-in Closet Organizers -
by: Steve Valentino
It stands to reason that you more space you have, you more organized you will be. Why then, are so many walk-in closets disorganized messes? It seems that the more space we have, the more junk we have to fill it.

Walk-in closets offer a variety of design options. They can be filled with shelves for folded clothing or books. They can host tie racks, belt racks, and shoe cubbies. They can hold multiple garment racks for hanging clothes. Hooks and hang bars can also be installed to hold hats, robes, and other such items. Drawers or dressers can be placed inside walk-in closets to free up space inside the room.

Walk-in closets grant you the freedom to be creative. For example, islands and benches can be placed inside large closets to create the feeling of a dressing room.

Walk-in closet organizers can be purchased as kits from local home improvement stores and some department stores. These kits contain everything needed to design your basic closet—components, shelving, and hardware. Accessories are available separately. You may have to purchase more than one kit to accommodate the entire closet. Though assembly is necessary, it is usually relatively simple.

Closet organizer systems can also be purchased for walk-in closets. These systems usually consist of pre-assembled pieces that simply need to be installed. Most can be placed on the floor for a built-in look or wall-mounted to keep floors clear.

Another option for walk-in closet organizers is a custom closet. Though these can be rather expensive, it does allow for a bit more creativity and flexibility. Custom closets can be ordered online. You give the dimensions of the closet and the desired components and accessories. You also select color, material, and style. The company will then provide you with a drawing or diagram of the proposed closet. Upon approval, they will ship the pre-made pieces to you for installation. Local closet organizer companies are also available. Many of these will send a consultant to your home. This person will evaluate your space, your décor, your needs, and your budget before presenting his or her recommendations for a custom closet.

With walk-in closets, the sky really is the limit. Organization is truly within reach.

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