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Google Exclusive Interview with Nanosys Inc. “Company Develops Small Tech with Big Vision”
by: dawn van zant
News Release
November 10, 2004 Exclusive Interview with Nanosys Inc. “Company Develops Small Tech with Big Vision”

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., November 10, 2004 -, a global research portal for the nanotechnology investment community is pleased to present an exclusive interview with the Chairman of nanotechnology leader Nanosys Inc. The interview gives investor and industry insight into a company that is recognized for multiple awards, an extensive patent portfolio, leading scientists, and exceptional industry partners. Founded in 2001, Nanosys has fast-tracked to become one of the most talked about companies in the sector. does not make recommendations, but offers a unique information portal to investors to research news, articles, and recent research.

Lawrence Bock, Executive Chairman of the Board and Peter Garcia, CFO, Nanosys Inc.
From the interview:

“When we grow these structures, we are integrating a lot of functional complexity into these structures as we grow them, so they’re no longer materials, they now become devices. So, for example, we can engineer things like high performance transistors, LEDs, solar cells, and so forth into these nanostructures as we grow them.” says Mr. Bock.

Which means that within two years, a commercial application should be available that will allow a roof to be turned into a solar panel with the application of a coated roofing material
Asked about how his company has moved to the forefront of the field so quickly, he replied:

“Most of the Companies in the Nano field right now are either “nano-pretenders” who have nothing to do with nanotechnology, or they’re in sort of what I would characterise as the nano-powders world, where they’re making heterogeneous sorts of powders which really address what I would call low value opportunities.”

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About Nanosys:
Nanosys, Inc. is a leader in the development of nano-based products utilizing high performance inorganic nanostructures. Nanosys has built one of the broadest technology platforms in the industry with more than 250 patents and patent applications covering fundamental areas of nanotechnology. Based in Palo Alto, Calif. and privately held, Nanosys collaborates with industry leaders including Dupont, Intel, Matsushita Electric Works and SAIC to develop revolutionary products for computing, optoelectronics, communications, energy, defense and the life and physical sciences.

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