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Cell Phone Plans, Prepaid & Postpaid Plan
by: John Lim

The Best Cell Phone Plans Vary According to The Amount Of Calls You Make. Find Out If A Prepaid or Postpaid Plan Is The Right One For You.

Before buying the first prepaid or postpaid plan you see, itís better to first find out about the different cell phone plans available. The best way to rate exactly what kind of plan you should have is to think about how much youíll be making calls on your mobile phone. You also need to monitor the time (hour) that you often make calls. This is because most cell phone plans will be limited to Ďanytimeí minutes which mean that you can make limited calls during peak hours.

When looking at cell phone plans, you will also want to consider the amount of coverage you will get. It is important to know whether the prepaid or postpaid plan that youíre signing up for is local, regional or for nationwide coverage. If you do not travel a lot, then it doesnít matter. But if you do, then itís important to know what youíre getting into or you could find yourself paying a high price for Ďroamingí charges. Take note that the cell phone plans with the best values are the ones that include free long distance calls.

A family plan is also an option when shopping for a cell phone plan. It allows you to share your monthly airtime allowance with additional lines. Whatís great about postpaid packages like these is that youíll be able to make free inter-network calling so you wonít have to pay to talk to your family members.

If you are still unsure of which postpaid plan to get, after reviewing the various cell phone plans available, then you might want to consider the prepaid option. The prepaid plan is best if you donít have a consistent usage every month. What you do is pay a sum of money upfront and youíll get a certain amount of time/minutes. When youíve used up all your minutes, youíll be able to renew it easily. One of the advantages of having a prepaid plan is that you donít actually have to sign any contracts, although some telco providers may require you to fill in your details for security purposes. If you are unhappy about the prepaid plan at any time, you can terminate the prepaid plan without any hassles!

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John Lim

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This article was posted on September 28, 2005


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