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European Vacation
by: Aaron Anderton
A European vacation with your family is one of the most exciting and educational things you can do together. Train travel allows you to see the beautiful countryside in detail, and you can do it at a great discount.

A European vacation has so much to offer, you will have to decide ahead of time what kind of vacation you want. You can travel from Madrid to Paris, then Rome, trying to see all the sights along the way as you rush by. This can be fun because you are seeing and doing so much, there is no way to be bored, and you will remember the trip forever. The downside is that you don't get to feel as much of the local culture and lifestyle when you are rushing through. Spending some of your European vacation in the same place and getting to know some of the locals can be much more satisfying and relaxing.

It all depends on your personality and what you are looking for in a vacation. A lot of people like to travel by train for their vacation so that they can see more areas, getting great pictures, and they will be able to say they have seen all of those famous landmarks. Some people would rather pick a place and spend the whole time there, really soaking in the atmosphere with their family and getting to know the customs.

Some of you may prefer to combine the two options for a European vacation that I have described above. Pick a city, like Madrid for example. Fly into Madrid, get a nice hotel, and stay there for about a week. There are many beautiful monuments and sights to see, and you can walk around downtown and see them up close and personal. You can eat at some local restaurants, take short day trips to see other areas of the city, and come back to your hotel in the evening.

When your week is up, you can travel by train to continue your European vacation in the sunny southern province of Andalucia. This area of Spain has beaches on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The weather is hot and sunny from spring through the fall, and the climate is dry. The beaches are fine, white sand and amazing blue water. Tourists from all over the world, and especially from the rest of Europe, fill these beaches every summer. Take at least a week and find a hotel or villa near the beach. You can spend every day at the beach working on your tan, relaxing in the warm sun, and swimming in the crystal blue waters. The seafood is spectacular in southern Spain, and you will have no problem finding great restaurants with mouth-watering food at great prices. If you like to go out at night, there are more bars and nightclubs than you can possibly visit. You can be sure that you can stay out dancing as long as you want to.

When you are done relaxing in a sunny beach town, you can fly or travel by train to vacation in Paris for a week. There are all kinds of historic sites and museums to see. You can walk or take a bus around to see all of the areas of the city, enjoy French restaurants, and soak in the culture. When you are all done, you can fly home again, knowing that you saw a vast amount of historic and cultural sites, beautiful countryside, and had a great time at the beach relaxing. A little bit of everything, to make your European Vacation complete.

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About the Author

Aaron Anderton lived in Spain for 3 years, and continues to visit Europe regularly. Aaron owns Southern Spain Trips, a website devoted to providing information about Southern Spain.


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