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Fishing vacation 101
by: Mansi gupta
Universally, the term "gone fishing" is associated with vacations. In that case planning a fishing vacation should be nothing more then a natural choice. Fishing combines sport, relaxation, communing with nature and free food and hence qualifies as the perfect vacation. From a weekend trip to the closest lake front camping ground to an adventurous and long packaged tour to the best fishing locales of the world, one has plenty of choices that could be made.

While planning a long fishing vacation, there are a couple of obvious choices to be made. First one being what type of fishing is most appealing. The most basic breakdown here is a choice between freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Fishing vacations come in various sizes and forms. They can be started with loading your car with fishing rods and sleeping bags or calling a travel agent or professional fishng guide.

These trips can be taken all the year round. Although the first thought is generally to catch the bass biting at the very onset of spring or the blues running in autumn. Trips can be made absolutely anytime of the year, even in the dead of the winter, just in case he angler has no aversions to cutting holes in the ice.

A properly planned vacation can be fun for all, irrespective of whether you are a novice or a very serious sportsman. The only essential purchase required is the fishing license, rest all can be rented. Rods and reels, boats and crews, which can even cater lunch, can be rented out.

It can be a way for families to spend time together while simultaneously enjoying the outdoors. Although the idea of skewering worms onto hooks may sound gross yet the vacation can be fun for the entire family. Fishing is a leisurely pastime and you don't have to excel at it to enjoy, and a total beginner might be just as good or even more than a seasoned pro.

Just because you are vegetarian, doesn't mean you can't have fun while fishing. One may use catch and release techniques for the fun of the sport.

While as said earlier, their can be several ways of going for fishing, however packaged tours certainly has some advantages. Best part here being that all the essentials are included right in the price. One need not carry all the equipment around, and thus the trip becomes more fun. Along with the trip, the vacationer also gets the expertise of the trip provider. Thus one need not hunt around for the best 'fishing hole' and thus the chances of returning empty handed are considerably reduced. Also at fairly reasonable prices one may also get lunch included in the package deal.

Toughest decision to be made while planning a trip is, where to go. Think globally as ther are plenty of scenic fishing spots which are a real treat for anyone interested. British Columbia in Canada boasts of beautiful wilderness and streams filled with great number of fishes of an ample of species.

There are also the less exotic but easier on the pocket destination which can be good value for money. Prices for accommodations may range from 100$ to 300$. One may also like to make it a learning experience, by opting for a Fishing School package. It generally includes hands-on and personal tutoring regarding the ins and outs of fishing. All the equipment is provided by the school. Prices may be around 300$ per session , travel expenses excluded.
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