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For fun in the sun, take a Beach Vacation!
by: Mike Yeager
A beach vacation is perfect for somebody who wants to relax, put their feet up, and soak up some rays. Sure, you could go to an amusement park, but you would spend most of your time standing in line. Wouldn’t it be more fun to have a day on the beach where you can soak up some rays, take a swim, or do whatever you want? In addition, most hotels by the beach are much cheaper than those by major amusement parks. When you add up the lower prices of hotels, cheaper food, and the lack of an entrance fee, it is easy to see how a beach vacation is much more economical than any other type of vacation. While some of the more famous beaches, like a Myrtle Beach vacation rental, are costly most beaches provide fun in the sun for no charge.

Safety tips for a Beach Vacation.

If you don’t know how to stay safe on a beach, it can be very dangerous. Here are some tips on how to stay safe on a beach vacation: Know the tides. Incoming tides separate rocks from headlands and the shore. Avoid the temptation of strolling out to an interesting rock without knowing when the tide rolls back in. Free tide tables are readily available at state park offices, information centers and many shops and motels. Another safety tip is to be careful around high steep cliffs. Many beaches have natural forming cliffs. Why these do make fine lookout points, be aware that the cliff edge may be unstable.

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