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Guide to Mountain Vacations
by: Eric Morris
There are a number of beautiful mountain ranges across the United States that provide wonderful vacation destinations. A mountain vacation can be an adventurous, fun-filled trip for the entire family, or it can be a secluded and relaxing romantic getaway.

Scenic mountain ranges are found on both the east and west coasts of the United States. The majestic Rocky Mountains stretch across the western United States from New Mexico up all the way to Canada. The eastern United States has its share of mountains as well. The Appalachian Mountains run from central Alabama up through New England into Canada. Both of these mighty mountain ranges contain numerous tourist spots designed to provide a full range of activities.

Travelers can do just about whatever they want on a mountain vacation. Most mountain vacation destinations in the United States offer a wide range of activities, including sightseeing, mountain biking, skiing, camping, shopping, live musical entertainment, and fine dining. Travelers can tailor their own personal mountain vacation to include all of their favorite activities on one trip.

Travelers can choose from a plethora of different lodging options on a mountain vacation. Many tourist spots rent out historic cabins and chalets, similar to the dwellings that residents lived in hundreds of years ago. Many high priced ski resorts offer modern amenities and high class dining along with access to skiing and snowboarding facilities. Camping is a great idea for people who want to remain as close as possible to nature and experience firsthand all the mountains have to offer. The usual hotels and motels found all over the country are another option available to travelers.

There is such a wide range of activities and lodgings available on a mountain vacation that it is nearly impossible for someone not to have a good time. Travelers on any type of budget will find accommodations and activities to fit their needs. Mountain Vacations Info provides detailed information on vacations in the Rocky, Blue Ridge, and Great Smoky Mountains, as well as mountain biking vacations and mountain rental cabins in Colorado, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and other destinations. Mountain Vacations Info is the sister site of Dude Ranch Web.


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