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Google Does It Backwards
by: Jackie Moniot
January 19, 2005, Norfolk, VA – This month, is expanding to the print arena with magazine, which shall contain full-page ads for a small number of resorts. magazine will complement the website and is scheduled to hit stores later this month. A recent Webtrends statistic from January 2005 shows that website has already been visited by over 80,000 unique visitors . Those numbers are expected to increase upon the advent of magazine. magazine will be distributed in over 250 Wal-Marts and other select retailers throughout the eastern U.S. With an average weekly walk-through rate of more than 119,000 shoppers with an average household income of $62,500, Wal-Mart offers resort managers the largest lead base of high quality prospects. website and magazine together will strive to uphold the positive image and degree of success that is expected of every other Trader Electronic Media company.

For the first time ever, Trader Electronic Media (TEM) has initiated a website before the publication of its corresponding magazine. Trader Publishing’s magazines have always been springboards for Internet websites like, and However, is starting with a different approach. This business is swimming against the current by debuting magazine after the launch of the website. recently launched in August 2004 as a website that connects resort managers to prospective timeshare buyers by advertising inexpensive vacation specials. This website’s vacation deals were originally featured on a subsidiary page of, which TEM launched in 2003. Due to the enormous response of visitors to this page, it was discovered that advertising vacation offers is a lucrative business and the decision was made to create a business to accommodate those online travelers.

According to Henry Yates, the Business Development Manager of, “it’s ground-breaking that we’re starting a process that is unorthodox compared to the way that Trader Publishing and Trader Electronic Media establish each new business. Going against the norm is a bold move on our part, however, I have high hopes that the results will prove to be rewarding.”

As a division of Trader Electronic Media, is part of a network of over 15 websites including,, and, all accessible at ranks in the top 200 most highly trafficked websites with over 7 million visitors each month. To view vacation offers, click on

Trader Publishing Company, the nation’s largest publisher of photo-classified publications, publishes 680 classified ad publications, which reach 80 percent of the U.S. population. These publications serve over 175 major markets and are distributed at approximately 200,000 points nationwide with a combined circulation exceeding 9 million per week. Such publications include Auto Trader, Boat Trader, Harmon Homes, For Rent, Employment Guide magazines and more.

For more information on advertising your resort with magazine or website, contact 866-881-4860 ext. 4725 or via e-mail at

About the Author

Jackie Moniot is the Marketing Assistant for website and magazine, which are divisions of Trader Publishing Company, the nation's largest distributor of photo-classified ad publications.


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