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Vacationing in Lake Tahoe
by: Jennifer Bailey
Lake Tahoe is a pristine recreational lake area. With high-stake casino gambling and Las Vegas-style entertainment on one side and spiritual retreats and horseback riding on the other, you can’t go wrong. Everything you could possibly want is available for the vacation rental ─ from posh luxurious mansions to rustic lakeside cabins.

There is no other lake recreation area anywhere else in the world with so much to offer. Lake Tahoe ranks as one of the most beautiful and fun places on anyone’s top ten list. With a minimum of effort it is possible to find a perfect family vacation, a romantic getaway for two or a spring break experience complete with a no holds barred “what happens here stays here” vibe. It’s all here and you can experience as much of it, or as little of it, as you wish.

Whether you prefer that secluded mountain chalet near the ski slopes, that lakeside cabin on the lake or a hotel room with room service and a spa to die for, you can have it with a phone call. Going with a group? There are many facilities to choose from depending on the nature of your group activities. Want to be near the casinos but not right in the thick of things? There are many options to choose from including many only a short walk or ride from the gaming tables.

Want a gated house so secluded even the neighbors don’t know it’s there? There are houses of all shapes and sizes on beautiful pieces of mountain property to choose from - some that you can live in and maintain on your own and others that come with a full time staff to cater to your every need. Want a small but efficient condo or apartment? They’re available. Need accommodations for you and the rest of your family? Just figure out exactly what you need and it’s there. Every type of vacation experience, every form of recreation, every convenience is available for the asking at Lake Tahoe.

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