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Why Take a Mountain Biking Vacation?
by: Eric Morris
A mountain biking vacation is a great way to unwind for a while and explore America. Several companies organize mountain biking tours that go through scenic areas, and often arrange accommodations for travelers. A mountain biking vacation can be perfect for an athletic couple looking to relax and get some exercise together.

Every region of the United States has some great mountain biking trails. It is not just major mountain ranges that have the best mountain biking trails, but any scenic, hilly, rough trail can provide riders with all the thrills and adventure that they need. Some of the best places to mountain bike in the United States are the Southwest, Pacific Northwest, and Southeastern states like North Carolina.

Pretty much the entire American West is a great place for a mountain biking vacation, but the Southwest is quickly becoming a popular spot for the sport. Some of the best mountain biking trails in the Southwest are the Pinery Canyon Road in Arizona, South Boundary Trail in New Mexico, and Flume Trail in Nevada. All of these trails deserve their reputations as tough challenges that are well worth the hard work for the scenic ride. Each of these trails is over 20 miles long, with Pinery Canyon Road being the longest at 50 miles. Of course, people don’t have to ride the entire trail.

The Pacific Northwest is another great destination for a mountain biking vacation. Surveyor’s Ridge in Oregon, California’s Mount Tamalpais, and the Methow Trail System in Washington are three of the best trails the region has to offer.

Don’t think that all of the best mountain biking vacations happen in the west; the east has its share of great trails as well, many of them in the Appalachian region. The Tsali trail in North Carolina is known for its difficulty, but much of it is perfect for novices. The Bee Log Ride, which reaches from North Carolina to Tennessee, is another beautiful trail that mountain biking enthusiasts are advised to check out.

Mountain Biking vacations are perfect for athletic people who want to explore different regions at their own pace. They are much less expensive than many other trips, and can be the adventure of a lifetime. Mountain Vacations Info provides detailed information on vacations in the Rocky, Blue Ridge, and Great Smoky Mountains, as well as mountain biking vacations and mountain rental cabins in Colorado, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and other destinations. Mountain Vacations Info is the sister site of Dude Ranch Web.


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