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The appeal of a bad boy
by: Rion Williams
So what is it about the 'bad boy' that attracts women so strongly to them?

In case you did not know, a healthy traditionally raised woman would run as far away as she can from a bad boy because she knows that he will bring too much drama, pain and hurt to her in the long run. In a traditional society that is not influenced by popular American culture, the bad boy is seen as an outcast of society (unless idolized from American cinema).

They're only real chance used to be with slummy women or those who were on the outside of society as well. Now of course the bad boy is glorified, as he is often the answer to a lot of our so called 'bitches' (in a respectful sense of those that define themselves as such) and their need for social validation on their level and also to keep them in check in the more traditional male-female relationship dynamic.

It is important for you to realize that bad boys do have a lot of drama, and troubles. Traditional women, I have seen personally stay away from these kinds of men.

I think if you can be a natural man and yet still possess some of these characteristics will still been in control of them, you will be able to also appeal to a woman's social persona as well. This means doing things like being a little bit cocky, teasing her, enforcing your independent boundaries and generally not giving a damn.

Today's women are so desperate for the underlying male-female relationship dynamic where the man is really the one in control, that they will often settle for bad boys and loser type jerks only because they treat them in the traditional dynamic of not letting them get away with crap.

A traditional woman does not have to try to get away with crap, because she doesn't have crap that she is coming with to get away with. She is MUCH simpler and this is not a bad thing. This is why a normal healthy nice guy can easily attract a traditional woman anywhere in the world (as I've done dozens of times) and be fascinated how everything just is 'natural'.

It is this 'cultural differentiation' especially that allows me to bring a great level of insight to the table. If you are a nice guy or a great catch, you should not want to become a bad boy just in order to get women because that may be all that you are a seeing that is going on and is not the only solution (not to mention unhealthy if you really aren't like that).

A bad boy is successful with our (American) independent, hot women because he does not let them get away with crap. He knows how to naturally trigger the physiological and emotional response mechanisms of attraction in her because he is playing a strong male role that she is biologically forced to respond to.

There is a high amount of leverage in these women that will either work for you or against. She can be repulsed by one man and that same energy, even more strongly attracted to another. Maybe you have seen this in front of your very eyes.

Nothing has really changed when you look beneath it all, because our women find that none of their 'real' counterparts are acting like men anymore, so they end up going with the bad boy or someone who they know is not healthy to be around, yet is the only one that is giving her the natural triggers of uncontrollable attraction which is irresistible to her.

My good news for you is that you do not have to become a bad boy, like I said, you can actually be a pure natural who is above the level of player status when it comes to attracting women and being successful with them.

Nice guys still have a chance but only if they really understand the concepts which I cover in my "Men's Guide to Women".

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