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The Secrets to having these Ten Pairs of Shoes
by: Shelley
Whether you love shoes or not, there are ten shoes every woman should have.

Did you know there are actually only a basic 8 shoe designs and every style of shoe out there are a variation of 1 of these 8 shoe designs.

"see a shoe and pick it up and al day long you’ll have good luck" – Andy Warhol

By having these ten pairs of shoes you will discover how easy choosing your clothes will be – your style will be improved.

Adding to your collection of shoes then becomes fun - understanding how to choose shoes is more important than you might think.


1. high heel

2. wedge heel

3. strappy heel

4. sandals
[with or without heel]

5. kitten heel/Sabrina

6. tennis shoes/trainers

7. ugg boots

8. leather boots
[with or without heel]

9. flip flop sandal

10. flat


These ten shoes run across the 8 basic shoe designs.

You have a shoe for every occasion and if you choose your heels and colours right you will have the perfect mix for anything you wear.

“not diamonds but heels are a girls best friend” – William Rossi, World Famous Shoe Designer

“shoes are not an accessory, they are an attribute” – Christian Louboutin, World Famous Shoe Designer

Every single pair of these shoes will benefit you in some way.

If you want to know more about how womens shoes benefit you and actually improve aspects of yourself and your life visit

A personal guide to womens shoes and the secrets they hold.

About the author:
Shelley Costello lives in Leicester, England with her partner and two young children.
Shelley has built a site designed to give women an honest guide to womens shoes and the secret benefits that they have.
Shelley also owns a successful online womens clothing and accessories store.

Visit the Womens Shoes Guru at

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