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The Truth About Plus Size Beauty
by: Janice Wee
Some of the sexiest women in the world are considered on the heavy side. Can a woman who wears a size 12 dress and lifts weights to keep fit considered sexy?

Marilyn Monroe wore a size 12 dress. She actually lifted weights regularly to keep fit. Yet men found her incredibly sexy, a favourite pin up girl then, a sex symbol now, years after her tragic death.

When Jennifer Lopez first started out, her critics said she wouldn't fo far, because her behind was way too big. Undaunted, she flaunted her curvy bottom. Now, women are going for butt implants, to be just like her.

Guys like curvy women. Take Eminem's hit for example. Ass like that. It is basically about women with curvy bottoms. Plus size bottoms. Men do find big bottoms sexy. Plus size women can be sexy.

Seriously. How sexy is a skeleton? If a woman's bones are showing through her skin, is she really sexy? Yet women, from teenage girls to mature grown ups who should know better, are starving themselves just because of that dress size.

This thin is beautiful craze is relatively new. Primitive society regarded plump women as beautiful. Even classical master centuries ago created paintings of their beauties, who by todays standards are definitely plus sized.

Thankfully, the hour glass figure is one beauty ideal that still remains. Women with big breasts and big hips, but with a small waist have always been considered very attractive. If you are plus size to begin with, with a big bust and round hips, you can get that hourglass figure by wearing plus size corsets. You can find those at . That look still prevails now, with the countless women undergoing surgery in order to have bigger breasts.

On top of that, you can be plus size and healthy. Healthy women athletes who are big boned and muscular probably would not fit into regular clothes made for skeletons. Yet their bodies are strong, taut and sexy. Sure, some of the regular sized jeans might be too tight if you are a big boned runner, but you can still look gorgeous in good looking jeans meant for larger sizes, like these at . And forget about those pesky dress sizes. You can look amazingly sexy in beautiful plus size dresses like those found at . These actually fit you and flatter your figure.

A size 14 is a plus size, but when a woman is tall and strong, with lovely hair, pretty features and inner beauty, she is very beautiful.

If you are plus size, celebrate your curves. Beauty is more than that number on the dress label. It is about your poise. Your confidence. The way you carry yourself. How well groomed you are. You hair. You features. The way you make the best of what you were born with. A glowing skin. A healthy body, regardless of the number on that label, is beautiful.

About the author:
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